It is all about the Blood

~Galatians 6:17

"From henceforth let no man trouble me: for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus".

Lord I worship You in spirit and in truth. I worship You for who You are and for who You have made me to be. I praise You Lord as my Redeemer and bless Your Holy Name now and for ever. By grace You saved me and for Your glory sake, You formed me to be in the likeness of Your Image. You came from heaven to earth to atone my sins and by Your perfect works of remission I am free in all dominion. Your Blood Lord Jesus has paid off all my debts and now by Your gracious sacrifice I am free in all dominion realms. Therefore, let no man or spirit trouble me for I carry the seal and mark of Jesus who is above all the All in all. By the previous Blood of Jesus, I am discharged and acquitted from the spiritual crime of sin and by His stripes I am healed of all my infirmities.

Blessed be the Lord of host. The Captain of the living and victorious angels who Was, Is and ever shall Be. Blessed be my Maker and Creator who is everlastingly Holy. My soul magnifies You and my spirit rejoices in Your presence for Lord You are good unto me and now and forever I am grateful. For when man rejected me You accepted me. When the world condemned me You justified me. When I had no hope You gave me hope. When I could not see You gave me Your spiritual eye lenses. I am all that I am because of who You are the I Am-Merciful, Perfect, Kind, Mighty, Gentle Holy, Righteous, Redeemer and eternal Saviour of my soul. Glory be to the One and only True God who Is God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Glory be to the Trinity One God who Is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Glory be to my Lord Jesus whose Name is above all names that at the mentioning of His Name, all knees bow and all tongues confesses that He Is Lord in every realm and dominion.

I am saved and sanctified by the Blood of my Lord Jesus. It is all about Your Blood my King for no other bloodline redeems. Therefore, I will my Lord preach the power of Your redemption Blood to sinners. So they too can become free from 'sin' by power of Your Blood and be 'ner' meaning 'NOW EVER REDEEMED'.



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