Supporting Christian Businesses For The Positioning of Kingdom Financing

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"And the lord commended the unjust steward, because he had done wisely: for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light" (Luke 16:8).

Whilst certain believers will not mind paying through their noses to unbelievers for their services, when it comes to fellow believers they expect it all to be done for free or for some ridiculous unjust amount of money. The fact is, it is important we draw a distinctive line between charity and business. Business involves offering services or products for money or money's worth and the whole essence of doing business is to make profit. Charity is a non-profit venture and it is a venture that we embark on for the soul benefit of others. We need thriving businesses profit making businesses in the body of Christ to be well positioned as a body to fund God's kingdom charity objectives. Therefore, it is important, that we support Christian business for positioning purposes.

As God's people, we are not meant to spend our time endlessly soliciting for money. The Father has given each and every one of us unique talents and skills that we can use to generate income to fund His kingdom objectives. And I think it is insane for a so called believer to willingly and joyfully patronise unbelievers for services and gladly pay for those services, yet when it comes to fellow believers it is different story altogether. How then can we be empowered to fund God's charity objectives if we cannot support each other business ventures? If we spend so much of our time and money enriching unbelievers then we should not be surprised to see so many unbeliever business flourishing whilst believers business are either stagnant or close to folding up.

As so called people of God, it is important that we are into fairness and just compensation for hardworking. It is only through fairness and just compensation for our hardworking efforts that we can be reasonably encouraged to fudge ahead and do even more for the Kingdom of God.

Also, it is important that as Christian people in business we only take on what we can deliver and deliver it on time with our integrity intact. It is a terrible thing to take on what we cannot deliver or frustrate our customers by lack of on time delivery without a justifiable excuse. Often times people find themselves having to play hide and seek game with a Christian brother or sister they have chosen to patronise his or her services. Communication is often terrible and feedback is sometimes non-existent and poor quality of output is often a common occurrence.

Dedication to a good customer experience is key to any kind of business, Christian or no Christian. The experience some believers have had from patronising fellow believer's businesses has discouraged them from even thinking of patronising so called fellow Christians businesses ever again. Often times we hear people who have had bad customer experience from patronising a fellow Christian say 'I will rather do business with an unbeliever than with a believer'. This kind of generalisation of Christians as bad business people not only put the genuine hardworking business minded at a disadvantage of much needed income but also gives the unbeliever an advantage of reaping the benefits of an increase in their business income output due to the negative attitude of certain so called Christian brothers to business.

This is the end times and the battle in this end times faced generally by Christians in the physical world is mostly a financial battle. The devil is fully aware that financial freedom is an aspect of dominion. And the devil knows that the more financially crippled we are in the physical world, the more it will appear in the world as if we are defeated in all realms even though our LORD and Master Jesus has already won all the battle for us on the cross of Calvary. We can only manifest our Christly victory and not appear shacked by the Pharaonic Egypt formula end times system of the world through operating in God's own divine wisdom. Although our entire spiritual battle is already won by Christ for us, we must realise that the devil is still engaged in an ongoing battle with us in the physical world to prevent us from manifesting our Christly victory in the world.

The first rule of any kind of battle is to know whose side you are on and understand the cause you are fighting for. If we truly believe we are on the same side and fighting for the same cause, which is to manifest and advance God's kingdom objectives on earth, then it makes no sense fighting each other. That in itself is evidence of confusions. To win the end times financial battle that we face as Christians, manifest God's Kingdom riches and fully exercise our Godly dominion authority in all aspects, we must change our mindset, attitudes and entire approach to life. We must realise that prayers without proactive actions is equivalent to expecting that just because you are a spirit being you no longer need food or air to survive on planet earth.

Prayer is a spiritual act that will only manifest the invisible positive answer and result when we follow it up with proactive visible actions. We can indeed move spiritual mountains with words of prayers but we need proactive physical actions to actually get to the top of a physical mountain. And if God Himself had to physically mould man from the dust to bring the spiritual man to the visible, then it is outrightly ungodly to expect that just because we are fiery in prayer, God will one day send angel Gabriel to place a sack full of money in our wardrobe.

God is a proactive God and He expects us to operate always in His mind of wisdom. We cannot say we are wise as a group of Godly people if we are disunited, disoriented and totally against each other. Disunity is in itself a weapon the enemy uses to prevent joint efforts for greater accomplishments and the only way we can overcome this weapon is by renewing our minds and becoming selfless just like our Master and Saviour Christ Jesus. There is a cost and price for everything even for our salvation. Salvation although was given to us freely by grace of God, Christ had to pay the price and cost for it with His own blood and gruesome death on the cross. Let us therefore not make evil and unwise use of Scripture and continue to hide under the notion of 'freely it was received and freely it must be given' and in so doing miss the opportunity of positioning our fellow Christians with the ability to effectively fund God's charitable objectives through empowering them to have thriving businesses.

Let us not be in the mindset or habit of wanting to pay for services offered by fellow Christians with just our words of 'God bless you'. Let us activate the blessings that is already upon a believer's life by paying them justly for the services and products that they offer. It is only by so doing that we can effectively empower our fellow brothers and sisters that are in business with the funding that they need to be of greater blessings to others that are in desperate need. And as service providers, let us operate in integrity, honesty, hardworking and prioritise giving our customers, Christians or no Christian an excellent customer experience that will make them to come back to us again and again. Change is one thing that constantly rampant in the world. But real change only takes place in the spirit. Let us evidence that we have genuinely changed and even though we are in the world not of the world but of the thriving kingdom of the Father, through our ways, practices, ideas and total approach to life.

Let us operate in wisdom, unite for goodness sake, habitually support Christian's good business ventures so they can be well positioned to finance Kingdom advancement ventures.

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Pastor Olabisi

Pastor Olabisi was a mother, Senior Pastor, Evangelist, Prophet,Teacher, Psalmist, Author, Writer, Publisher and a Housing Practitioner.

She set up Encouraged by God as a means of encouraging and strengthening the faith of Christians everywhere.


Lived and died in Christ, 06 October 2016, aged 49 years old.

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