We Conquer And Overcome Satan And All Axes of Evil Through The Blood of Jesus Christ

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The world is a pharaohic slavery world of sinfulness ruled by dark forces of evil headed by lucifer the disgraced fallen angel. And the only means by, which any man can conquer satan and overcome his entire axes of evil is, through the blood of Jesus Christ. Satan's number one priority is to rule, oppress and dominate man's soul as a wicked pharaohic ruler. And the one thing satan the obsessive evil wicked spirit does not want any man to believe in, is that Jesus Christ is the only means of having salvation, deliverance and redemption from the mystery babylonian/Egypt world of sin. Satan is actually not against religion, but only against you having eternal life relationship with God through Christ Jesus. In fact, as the author of confusion, satan has inundated the world with all kinds of mystery babylonian religious ideologies and false doctrines, which he has masqueraded as the truth and deceptively sold to man to obsessively practice and engage in to the detriment of their own souls (Revelation 17).

Satan is nothing but a liar (John 8:44). And satan's entire lies are basically formulated and sold to man for the sake of preventing man from knowing the truth that he (satan) knows. Although satan also known as; lucifer the devil and the old serpent, was thrown out of heaven for his wicked ways, he has knowledge of heavenly truth, that Jesus is the only way by, which man can have eternal life (John 14:6). Satan also knows for certain that due to the spiritual death, that mankind acquiesced in following the fall of the first man Adam into sin, man is spiritually blind, thus easily deceived by what the natural eyes sees (Romans 3:20-31). The spiritual dead state that man ended up in sin basically rendered man vulnerable to constant demonic attacks and placed man in a position of disadvantage against satan who of course has knowledge of the fact that Christ is the only truth, but seeks mainly to prevent man from having the same knowledge of truth that he has.

Satan as the chief of evil spirits is obsessed with competing with God for the worship of man and determined as a fallen angel to exercise evil dominion over man as a false god (Isaiah 14:13-16). Satan is fully aware that God is not desperate or hungry for worship. God as Creator of heaven and earth is constantly being worshipped by angels and heaven and earth adores Him. God created man to have an eternal life relationship with us as our heavenly Father, and worshipping God is actually an expression of His dominion presence in us and also proof that we are alive in Him and filled with His blessings in our souls. Satan as a fallen evil ambitious angel, is however desperate for man to worship him as a false god, and obsessively seeks to beguile man into worshipping him as a false god by any means possible. Satan knows that God dearly loves man and that man whom God created for relationship as His masterpiece work of creation, has the blessings of God to exercise dominion over the earthly realm in oneness with God. Satan's ultimate ambition is basically to beguile man into falling from glory into sin, so that man can be separated from God and he (satan) can then become positioned to exercise his wicked dominion over the soul of man as a false god.

Satan's evil desire to be worshipped as a god instead of being the worshipper God made him to be is what led to his banishment from heaven and his own fall from glory into shame in the very first. Knowing fully well that the wages of sin is death and that sin will separate man from God, Satan as a disgraced fallen angel targeted man to deceive man into falling into sin, so he can then masquerade himself as a god to man and deceive man into worshipping him as a god instead of the One and only true God (Genesis Chapter 3). Through his treacherous means, satan succeeded in bringing down man to his fall from glory into sin, and in sin man became spiritually dead and separated from God (Romans 3:20-23). Satan knows for sure that although God loves man as a sinner, He hates sin. Satan also knows that sin, which God hates, is a barrier to man's relationship with God. Thus satan's ultimate objective is to keep man continually enslaved in sin so that through sin, man will remain separated from God, oblivious to the truth and in so doing he (satan) can continually be well positioned to constantly deceive man into worshipping him as a false god.

In order to fulfil his terrible ambition of deceiving man into worshipping him as a false god, satan throughout the ages of time has been constantly busy formulating and fine tuning his various arms of mystery babylonian religious system. Satan's mystery babylonian religious system is basically for the purpose of entrapping and enslaving man in sin, so that he (satan) can continually exercise a pharaohic evil dominion over the entrapped human souls and rule the spirit man in wickedness as a false god (2 Corinthians 4:3-6). Satan as a wicked fallen angel who was thrown out of heaven due to his rebellious actions knows for sure that man can only have salvation and redemption from his pharaohic slavery world of sin through Christ Jesus and not through the practicing of vain carnal religion or by any other means whatsoever. Satan's primary aim therefore is to ensure that man continually rejects Christ as truth, and consistently believe that his lies, which he masquerades to man as the truth, is the actual truth. And in order to achieve his wicked aim, satan has been constantly busy throughout the ages of time deceiving man with all manners of doctrines and ideology of lies, which are labeled as absolute truth by his cohorts in order to keep man enslaved in sin, so that he (satan) can continue to evilly and wickedly dominate and oppress the soul of man.

The various branches of mystery babylonian religion, carnal ideologies and false doctrines that satan has set up for the sake of deceiving man into worshipping him in the believe mindset that they are in fact worshipping the true God so that he (satan) can be positioned to exercise a slavery centred pharaohic ungodly dominion over the soul of man, are quite diverse and numerous in number. But, despite the fact that the doctrines and ideologies of satan's mystery babylonian religious arms appears to be contradictory to each other, they are in fact all from the same satanic root and foundation and they are basically meant to work together to keep man firmly enslaved in sin and in jeopardy of eternal damnation in hell fire. (Please see the Youtube video on this link for the common signs and symbols of satan's mystery babylonian religion http://youtu.be/wSfGhjSAzGE). Unfortunately, several lost souls in the world have bought into satan's mystery babylonian lies and as a result, extremely hardened in their hearts towards Christ Jesus who as the truth is the Godhead of Godliness revealed in the flesh!

The lies of satan are like a spiritual dark blindfold cover, which blinds the spiritual eyes from seeing the truth. Blinded by satanic lies and oblivious to the truth, several souls across the world are daily busy unconsciously and obsessively practicing all manner of satanic religious ideology, passionately propagating all kinds of false doctrines and dedicatedly performing all manner of soul binding rituals, which they believe constitutes acts of worshipping of the true God, when in fact everything they are partaking in is actually a worship and submission to satan's wicked dominion, and has nothing whatsoever to do with the One and only True God (John 4:21-24).

Satan as a fallen angel is a wicked criminal warring angel and as a warring fallen angel, he is entirely void of peace. As a war oriented spirit, satan's primary warfare objective against man is to keep man enslaved to his evil dominion by force or crook through his lies and fear generating tactics. The world of man became a world of warfare when satan and his warring demonic gangs entered. And satan knows for sure that, man outside of Christ is no match for him. The axes of evil headed by satan are obsessive beastly bloodthirsty and flesh eating wicked battle oriented warlords (Ephesians 6:10-12). And they are extremely busy behind the scene battling to keep man's soul enslaved in sin so, that they can continually dominate the soul, oppress the spirit, devour the flesh, feed on human's blood, steal man's talents to service their kingdoms of evil, and ultimately kill and permanently destroy the spirit man in the wages of sin, which is death.

The devil as an old serpent is without a doubt determined to kill, steal and destroy man's soul in sin (John 10:10). But, to God be the glory, we have victory over satan and the entire gates of hell through the blood of Jesus! God as our Maker and Creator knows how wicked and evil satan is. God also knows that man is no match for satan in the spiritual dead state that man ended up in, following the fall into sin. God in His infinite mercy fulfilled the spiritual law of remission of sins for us, which requires the shedding of the blood of an unblemished lamb (Hebrews 9:22). And this unblemished Lamb given to us by God for the remission of our sins is none other, but Christ Jesus (John 1:29). Jesus Christ as the holy Lamb of God remains man's only means of overcoming and having victory over satan and his entire axes of evil (Revelation 12:11). And outside of Christ, no man can overcome the devil and his regimental forces of hell.

It is only through Christ Jesus, the holy Lamb of God that we can fully conquer and permanently overcome satan and his entire regimental demonic forces of hell. And this is why you must repent from your sins, invite Christ into your life today so, that you can be saved. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not a call to religion, but a call to repentance for the remission of sins, so we can have salvation of our souls and redemption of our spirit man from death, reconcile with the Holy Spirit of God and inherit His eternal life Kingdom as His adopted sons through Christ Jesus (Romans 8:14-17). God as our Maker and Creator is not after the eternal death of a sinner but for the sinner to repent and be saved through the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ. God manifested His divine act of grace and loving kindness in the form of giving us Christ as propitiation of our sins for the redemption of our souls (John 3:16, Romans 6:23, 1 John 4:8-11). But, although grace of deliverance and redemption is available for us, we need to first repent from our sins so that God can then activate the benefit and blessings of His grace in our soul.

The benefit and blessings of grace that we stand to receive from God when we repent from sins and invite Christ as God's gift of life into our souls, is salvation from sins, resurrection from consequences of sin, which is death and reconciliation with the Holy Spirit of God. Christ Jesus as the holy Lamb of God is the resurrection and life itself. Satan as a wicked spirit is the spirit of death and as the spirit of death, satan rules and exercises dominion from within the soul. And the only way of ejecting satan from the soul and rendering him powerless from exercising evil dominion over the soul is through the power that is in the blood of Jesus Christ. The blood of Jesus is our spiritual insurance cover over satan who is the spirit of death (Hebrews 2:13-18). And in order for us to be covered and protected by it, we need to repent from our sins and invite Christ Jesus who is Resurrection and life itself to enter into our soul to forcefully eject satan from our soul so that (He) Jesus Christ can abide in us as light and life itself (John 11:25-26 & 14:23).

Jesus Christ's calling upon your life today is a call to repentance for you to come and be saved through His blood, and resurrect from death, through His power of resurrection. Jesus Christ is calling you to repent from your sins today and receive Him as the resurrection and life itself. Yield to His call! Repent from your sins and invite Jesus into your life today if you are yet to so, that He can wash you clean from sins with His atonement blood and redeem you permanently from wages of sins, which is eternal spiritual death.

Jesus Christ did not come from heaven to the world to setup a religion for you to practice. He came from heaven as the holy Lamb of God, to shed His atonement cleansing blood for us on the cross so that by power of His cleansing blood, we can be cleansed from sins, saved and delivered from the satanic babylonian world of sin, redeemed from death, which is consequence for sins and reconcile back to the Holy Spirit of God to inherit His eternal life Kingdom of peace, rest and joy everlastingly. Don't be deceived by the devil. Religion can never save you. Only Jesus the Lamb of God can! Repent from sins and receive Jesus into your life today so, that you can overcome all by the power of His blood.

Revelation 12:11

"And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death."

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