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Often times as believers when we try to minister the Word of God to unbelievers, we hear them respond by either saying, "I have actually read the Bible back and front and I am not convinced." Or "I believe in Jesus but I don't just believe He is the Son of God and I certainly don't believe that He is God in the flesh." It is also not uncommon for such unbelieving people to suddenly come up with isolated Bible verses to make use of as the ammunitions for justifying their unbelief conclusions. It is course understandable for a believer to easily get frustrated in an instance whereby an unbeliever suddenly starts to make use of what he or she admits not to believe in as his or her ammunitions for attacking the believer. The truth of course, is that the real contender is not the visible being that we can ordinarily see. But the invisible antichrist spirit that is desperate to keep the unbeliever bound in death and enslaved in sin through convictions of lies. 
The number one strategy used by antichrist spirits to frustrate a believer from ministering the truth is in fact to do with stagnating and reducing a conversation a believer meant for affording knowledge of eternal life, into an argumentative debate that, is centred on arguing on the unbeliever's point of lies. The whole essence behind the application of this strategy by the inward hidden antichrist spirits is to immediately throw the believer into  an angry flesh state of offensive defence.  Through motivating an unbeliever to make offensive usage of isolated Biblical texts for instance, the hidden antichrist spirits that are well hidden in the inward of the unsuspecting unbeliever, aims to keep him or her stagnated by the wrong conclusions they have embedded in his or her soul, that he or she is in fact the intelligent person and that, the believer who through flesh arguments is made to appear as logically incapable of defending his or her beliefs, is actually the complete fool.  
A major fact antichrist spirits does not want any unbeliever they are keeping bound to ever understand is that, he or she although is a human being, is first and foremost a spirit being. For the fact that we are spirit beings, the question of what is truth and a lie is not a physical matter but a matter of spiritual determination. And as human beings who are first and foremost spirit beings, we are for all intent and purposes ruled and governed by our spiritual beliefs. Every one is a believer of something or someone. Realistically speaking, no one in his or her right mind wants to believe in lies. Every human being as a spirit being has a belief that is rooted in a spiritual foundation, which they naturally consider to be the absolute truth. And if the belief a person has in the natural and considers to be final truth is in fact a total spiritual lie that is sourced from the foundation of evil, it will be virtually ordinarily impossible to convince such person to ditch his or her lies most especially, if he or she already have a  misconceived  conclusion that the real truth is actually the lie.  Based on the fact that the truth is actually what we all realistically wish to believe in as human beings and not lies, the number one hindrance to embracing the truth is to do with believing that, truth is a lie and that lies are actually the truth. We can only begin to embrace the truth if we first admit that we do not have the truth in the first place. 
The spirit of lie and father of lies is of course none other but Satan (John 8:44). And anyone who is convicted in satanic lies and concludes in his or her mind, that the lies he or she is concludes in is actually the truth will be held bound by Satan and stubbornly resistant to the real truth until he or she becomes set free by the real truth. The evil spiritual fathers of lies that is headed by Satan the chief of the fallen angels patriarchs of lies, knows very well that mankind is not after believing in lies but the truth. And it is precisely for this reason that, Satan always presents and masquerades his lies as absolute truth and not as the blatant spiritual lies that they are (2 Corinthians 11:14). Satan's number one goal is to keep the human spirit man bound in his spiritual foundation of lies with the binding thesis of lies, which he has deeply embedded in the soul of the unsuspecting human being and intended to continually work from within the soul as a resistance point against the real truth. Lies are basically the spiritual biding ropes that, Satan uses to keep a souls enslaved to sin and bound in death as the spirit of death itself. And the only means by, which  a person can become free from lies remains the truth. 
With regards to answering the all important question therefore, which is what is truth?, Jesus in (John 14:6) says:  "..I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."  The fact therefore is, if as believers we were to indeed only preach this one verse alone, we will by that in effect be saying that, all other ways aside from Christ are lies and not the truth. And if this happens to be the truth, then the only way a disbeliever can ever embrace Christ as truth is by first admitting that, what he or she believes in and considered as truth, which is contradictory to Christ as the only truth is actually a lie and not the truth after all. This of course is not something we can simply do ordinarily. It is something that can only happen when Jesus as the truth itself breaks down the evil wall of offence and pierces through the soul by grace and mercy of God. 
God intends for us to personally believe in Christ not unconsciously but in conscious awakening through personal encounter of Him as the truth. A belief of any sort is indeed a conviction that rules the soul. And as a conviction, it is not something we can simply handover to someone else for them to inherit.  Hereditary beliefs are traditions of man centred. And as a result, it is void of truthful soul conscious personal spiritual convictions and works only to serve as a terrible offensive wall against the piecing of the real truth into the soul. And this is the main reason why it is often common to find people who although are passionate about their inherited religion, but realistically totally clueless when it comes to articulating what exactly they believe in. 
A belief that is centred on points and arguments of lies will remain a major terrible brick wall of offence to the truth until brought down by the truth. To believe you already have the final truth is of course to be unprepared to listen and embrace anything else presented as the truth.  And this is exactly the outcome Satan is after in binding people with pointless lies, which he masquerades as extremely highly intelligent points of truth. The debating strategy that is often used by satanic antichrist spirits, that are lurking inside unsuspecting unbelievers is actually for the sake of stagnating conversation on points of lies. The whole essence of this is mainly to make the believer appear as a fool and the unbeliever as the one that has all the meaningful intelligence. Satan of course knows that man in spiritual state of blindness only sees and makes his conclusions from a natural perspectives, which usually are by no means representative of spiritual reality. And it is precisely for the sake of manipulating human judgement and conclusions, that Satan uses the stagnated debate strategy to make the believer appear as a fool in the eyes of man and in so doing frustrate him or her from releasing the true spiritual Word of fire into the hearts and souls of those, that he is keeping bound in death and enslaved to sin through his satanic lies. 
The stagnated debate strategy is also a terrible offensive dart, which antichrist spirits deploys and unleashes on believers from within the human spirits they are holding captives purposely for the sake of activating an angry fleshy centred response from a believer. The antichrist spirits can of course see that the believer is armed with the true shaper than double-edged Word of God (Hebrews 4:12). And it is simply for the sake of disarming and discouraging the believer from making continuous usage of his or her spiritual Godly sword Word of fire ammunitions, that the antichrist spirits immediately incites an unbeliever to provoke a flesh reaction from a believer that they see to be unleashing God's Word of fire into the atmospheric realm.  The strategy of provocation is for instance often deployed in the social media spiritual gateway platform of travelling lost souls, in the form of extremely unwarranted abusive comments by possessed lost souls on Godly inspired posts. And the whole essence of such blatant antichrist bullish tactics, is to discourage the believers from continually unleashing the fire power in God's Word of truth into the spiritual atmosphere gateway of social media, that is of course clogged with spiritual lost souls who are desperately searching for the truth. 
The antichrist spirits who as evil spirits are desperate to keep the human spirits bound are highly strategic in their wicked ways. Their number one area of focus is of course to do with convincing people, that the Word of God is nothing but a mythical idea that is only trusted and believed in by some bunch of unintelligent foolish people. And in order to keep people enslaved to this false ideas, Satan the chief antichrist spirit and cunning twister of true Word of God, gives those that he is keeping bound with isolated black and white Biblical texts and misleads and misguides them to make use of it as tools for provoking the true believers that has the spiritually substantiated sound knowledge and understanding of the true meanings of the Word of God, that is in the Bible. Satan as a rouge teacher of the Bible of course knows that the Bible knowledge his unsuspecting students, believe they have is nothing but a falsehood, that is completely void of the substance, form and character of the true meaning and understanding that only the Holy Spirit of God who is the real Teacher of the Bible can give us. But unfortunately, armed with what they consider as knowledge and in so doing disarmed against Satan in the spirit, the  unsuspecting enslaved possessed satanic student of the Bible blindly goes around as intended by Satan using the isolated Biblical verses that he or she sees as sound knowledge of the Bible, as means of provoking a flesh reaction from a believer in line with Satan's wicked wishes. The sad thing about it all is that, the unbeliever's real enemy is of course the satanic legions hidden antichrist spirits who unbeknown to him or her are keeping his or her soul bound in death and sin through nothing but lies. And who for the sake of keeping the soul stagnated  in death, are busy as wicked antichrist spirits working tirelessly from within the unbeliever's mind regulating his or her acts of provocation against a believer to ensure the message of truth is continuously rejected by the unbeliever as nothing but foolishness.  
As believers that are living in this end times fallen world of flesh, it is indeed of course expected by the hidden devils that we will out of weakness of the flesh, react in anger when unnecessarily provoked and lose our spiritual composure. And this is why it is highly important that we avoid lashing back in anger at who we see as an ordinary human being meaninglessly provoking us through unwarranted use of abusive language. Provoking us to react in flesh anger is indeed a key strategy used by Satan and his antichrists gangs to keep the wall of offence standing between the messengers of God and the souls that needs to hear the message of Good News that he or she is anointed by God to release as seeds and power of salvation into souls for the releasing and setting  free of the human captives from the hands of their antichrists captors (Romans 1:16-17). As believers, our only means of avoiding falling for the antichrists provocation tricks and moving beyond the strategic spiritual wall of offence that they have erected in their human victims souls, is by rising above our own flesh offensive responses, inwardly take authority over the hidden invisible antichrist spirits and remain in total surrender to the LORDSHIP of Christ Jesus in totality.
The knowledge of the Bible is spiritual and not carnal. And as human believers that are living in this world of emotional  flesh, I must admit that, rising above our flesh and calmly retaining our spiritual position of authority is not something we can easily do when we suddenly find ourselves in a provocation state of ambush with the hidden enemy working through the possessed human and busy trying to make use of the darts of lies that the unsuspecting human sees as sound knowledge of the Bible to entrap and make a fool out of us. But by God's grace and with His power and dominion on our side, we can rise above the challenge and fulfil our assignment of releasing His piercing double-edged sword Word of fire into the inner man's spirit of the oblivious human beings, that are held captives by the evil antichrist spirits. And by operation of dominion authority of Christ, we will to God's glory continually succeed in executing our spiritual bailiff warrant against the evil entities of evil, set the captives free, bind the hidden legions of demons that are keeping the people bound with lies and catapult them back to the pits of hell where they belong!  
Should in case you have read this far as an unbeliever and wondering, how am I as a believer of Christ so sure, that Christ is the truth? My simple answer to this question is that, my believe  in Christ as truth is not something I came about from carnal research, self-centred human reasoning or human intellectual curiosity. It is a belief afforded to me through graceful spiritual revelation by God (Matthew 16:13-19). The truth is spiritual and Christ as spiritual truth is not dead but alive forever. The only way of having the true knowledge of Christ as the truth is by revelation and not by our own own ordinary physical analysis of spiritual information. And revelation we only occur when we soul search with a humble heart and not with an arrogant mindset of we already know all there is to know.  Once we have revelation of the truth, our conviction of truth, which is by grace of revelation embedded by God into our souls will protect us from every attempt by lies to penetrate into our souls and corrupt our minds again. The truth does not appear logical to the flesh because the flesh is convicted in lies and only seeks and desires to embrace lies. The truth however is the desire of the soul. And it is only when the soul has the real truth, that the soul search for the truth will be over. I know I have the truth because, every question I once had before coming to Christ is now entirely answered for me in an unquestionable manner. And although my truth is considered by the world as foolishness, my spirit man is convinced that Christ as the truth is indeed the embodiment of God's knowledge and divine wisdom. 
Christ as truth is spiritual truth of God and as spiritual truth, no human being can simply understand or appreciate Christ as truth except by the grace of God. Christ as truth needs to be experienced and encountered to make sense to our ordinary mind of reasoning. Those who have Christ and have experienced Him as truth knows exactly what they are talking about. My conviction of Christ as truth is out of personal encounter and experience of Him as the Redeemer, Saviour and Resurrection and Life itself. And to be a partaker of this truth, you must have your own personal encounter and experience. My prayer therefore for an unbeliever of Christ is that He will by His special grace reveal Himself to you just as He did to me. And should in case you happens to be amongst those that claims to believe in Christ but dispute that He is the Son of God, my answer again to that, is that revelation of who Christ is does not come to anyone ordinarily but through the graceful revelation of the Holy Spirit of God. To actually say that, you believe in Christ but don't believe or let alone understand who He says He is as detailed in the Bible, is exactly the same thing as you saying you don't know what you believe in even though you passionately believe, that what you believe in that you don't know is actually the truth. It is actually a fact of life that, you cannot by any means be in a position to consciously spiritually articulate what you believe is the truth if you are in indeed outside of Christ who is truth and life itself. Therefore, today if you will not harden your heart toward Christ and humbly embrace Him as truth, He will reveal Himself to you and open your spiritual eyes to see just as He opened mine by His special grace to see that, He is in fact the only truth that He says He is and as the only truth, the only true Messiah, through which mankind can have everlasting life in the eternal kingdom of God (Acts 4:12). And as the only truth and Messiah, He will if you were to surrender your life unto Him today, also place you in conscious convictions of the fact that He is indeed the only one with the power to set you permanently free from Satan who as spirit of death itself, is not just a liar but the father of all lies (John 8:44). 
"Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."
~ John 8:31-32
"Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."
~ John 14:6



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