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Heaven And Hell Are Real

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Heaven and hell are real! From my personal unique encounter of heaven and hell, I know for a fact, that heaven and hell are real and not mere myths. In the year 2004, God by His grace and mercies gave me an open vision spiritual battle front experience which, completely changed my life. In this open vision experience, I saw the amazing beauty of heaven and I also saw the extreme ugliness of hell. And from everything God, opened my eyes to see, I became convinced without a shred of doubt that indeed, by grace alone, through faith in Christ alone can man become saved and delivered from hell’s axes of evil regimental forces.

Contrary to what the devil wants every human being to believe, heaven and hell are real and not myths. The details of my open vision experience now forms the contents of my book entitled: Hell on Earth. The below except from the book is just a snapshot of the reality of hell, that I saw in the segment of my open vision revelation of hell. I pray, that from reading the excerpt and hopefully the entire book, Hell on Earth, you will earnestly seek to avoid hell by surrendering your all to the only Messiah who can deliver you from the evil axes of hell and enable you have eternal life in the heavenly kingdom of God. His name believe it or not, is Jesus Christ!

Excerpts From The Book Hell On Earth:

As the battle progressed, I began to see that their common-unity warfare approach was something they considered necessary to maintain, so as to bombard me with relentless spiritual attacks from all angles in order to force me into a quick surrender. They had an endless line of regimental soldiers all readily positioned to attack me one after the other. The regiment at the starting line was the regiment of ‘fear’ and just as I was beginning to conclude that this regiment was the worst of all, I soon discovered that ‘fear’ was just the beginning of their spiritual weapons repertoire.

From further revelations I began seeing the faces of the inhabitants of hell more clearly and I was able to recognise some of the faces as that of dead relatives. However, most shockingly, I was surprised to see several faces of the worldly famous both deceased and living still on earth, plenteously spread across the entire hell-regiments as the enslaved─subject to the ruling forces controlled by the powers of evil. Whilst I was still struggling to digest my shocking revelations, I discovered that hell in its entire regimental force has an operative hierarchical system─a distinctive ruling order.

At the top end of hell’s hierarchical spiritual order are the fallen angels headed by Lucifer. The fallen angels act as hierarchal heads of the entire regiment of hell, and they have their subordinate ‘divisional’ territorial leaders. These subordinate territorial ‘leaders’ are spiritual warlords. As spiritual warlords, they are carefully positioned in the high places of the world for the sake of implementing hell’s wicked destructive spiritual order in the global world. The territorial leaders and warlords have as their subordinates several territorial agents and legions of demonic soldiers that are readily loitering around in their divisional territories to obey their orders of destruction.

The demonic spirits work closely with the territorial agents to serve the overall wicked purpose of the leader of each division. The demonic forces of evil accomplish their divisional leader’s destructive aims by the application of three main evil spiritual strategies. The first is to do with segmenting themselves into various kinds of spiritual stronghold blocks. Secondly, from these various stronghold blocks, they systematically come together to visibly erect a masquerading sinful order ‘image’─a deceptive ploy to sugar coat and sanction sin. Thirdly, glamorisation of the sinful order for the sake of ring fencing the will of the unsuspecting humans within the controlling powers of the axes of evil.

Once the image of sin becomes visibly erected, the divisional leaders then steps in to enforce the sinful order over the willing and unwilling divisional inhabitants through wider fear embedded self-righteous laws. These subordinate leaders of hell as territorial division leaders─are rulers of the world. As rulers of the world and direct subordinates of the fallen angels, their overall world assignment is to globally erect the ugly image of sin─and not just in their divisional territories. To accomplish this aim, the division leaders have as their overall mandate a unity objective of all divisional operations for the sake of erecting a global sinful self-righteous World Order system.

"For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God having the form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away”. ─2 Timothy 3:2-5
I discovered as more revelations began to unfold that the realm of hell as a whole is made up of fire-layers. I saw that most of the so-called celebrities or stars that are considered by the human population to be enjoying themselves on earth are actually at the hottest layer of hell fire, undergoing immense suffering. Through further revelations, I realised that the so-called world famous and stars occupy the worst places in hell as a reward for the important roles they have played in erecting the image of sin in the human world population.

The primary goal of the division heads of evil is to continually engineer and conform unsuspecting human minds into desiring worldly things. They mainly achieve this aim through glamorising vanity as true riches in order to ensure that the human focus remains entirely worldly and from worldliness─dedication to sinfulness. To fulfil this evil objective, the divisional-heads of evil via their territorial agents recruited several dead spirits in the world to be their channels of evil. They afforded them worldly stardom status and tasked them to camouflage vanity as prosperity for the sake of corrupting the human minds across the globe with vanity desires.

As more revelations continued to unfurl, I noted that the appearance of every spirit in hell does not look like a normal earthly human. Instead, the spirits were very ugly looking and weird in nature. Though they were non-human looking in appearance, I recognised their world faces from a mirror-looking object that is directly in front of their faces. Not only are hell spirits ugly and weird looking, they also smell terribly and the smell was nothing like anything I have ever smelt on earth.

Generally speaking, the entire picture of hell was the complete opposite to what the ordinary eyes sees in the world. I saw what the world considered as beautiful faces looking gruesome and ugly; the so-called rich looking pitifully ugly and wretched. Every hell creature including the regimental-heads is a spiritual criminal and as spiritual criminals they are enslaved in hell to serve time with hard labour. They all have huge steel looking objects tied to their feet and the steel was as huge as a house. Although they were all full of sorrow and clearly suffering immensely, they were unrepentant, mean looking and wickedly evil in their appearance.

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