Pray For Good Success

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Pray For Good Success

Heavenly Father:

With my head bowed to Your sovereign authority and with my knees bowed to Your holy dominion in all dimensional dominion realms, I pray for good success in all areas of my life. I pray, oh LORD, that You will enable me daily by Your dominion, power and authority to remain obedient to Your holy commandments so that I can continue to prosper and be of good success. I pray for good success in regards to all that you have placed in my care. I commit my heart, spirit, soul, body and mind to you. I pray LORD that you will always use me to manifest Your kingdom glory and that you will give me good success in all realms and dominion.

I pray for good success concerning my finances. Guide me oh LORD to always make the right judgement in regards to all financial matters. Enable me, oh LORD to always make prudent financial decisions. Activate and implement oh LORD Your wealth generation plans in my life so that I can be well positioned to finance Your kingdom advancement work. Save me from taking the wrong financial turnings in life and lead me daily to reason in alignment with Your Will for my life. Help me to rise above all time-wasting desires of the flesh and let Your spiritual success plan for my life be the only plan that will be implemented in my life.

I pray for good success for the entire purpose You have destined for my life. I commit all the kingdom ventures You have laid in my heart into Your holy hands. I pray LORD that by Your divine power and holy authority, success shall not elude me in any of them. Teach me, oh LORD the way to go and guide me to always succeed in all that You have appointed me to do in life. Uproot from my mind any ideas, intended by the enemy to frustrate me. Fill me up daily with Your heavenly ideas and clear my mind from every thought that is not in alignment with Your divine holy Will for my life.

I surrender all ventures, tasks and purpose into Your capable hands oh LORD my God and I pray for good success concerning them all. Grant me daily Your knowledge and wisdom to succeed in all aspect and equip me to be prudent and diligent in my decision makings. Destroy with Your Holy Ghost fire every Vulture, grasshopper or cankerworm spirit that might be attempting to devour my seeds of harvest. Remove from my path every thorn of failure and order my steps daily to follow Your pathway of success for my life to the very end.

I pray for good success in all my decision making. Let my decisions oh LORD always be in alignment with Your perfect decisions for my life. Make a way for me oh LORD where there seem to be no way and help me to avoid making decisions out of fear, worry or panic. Help me to avoid wastage of the resources You have placed in my care and equip me oh LORD to appropriately plan and effectively redeem my time in line with Your eternal Will for my soul. Save me daily oh LORD my God from following and yielding to wrong advice and bless me daily with Your divine holy counsel. Remove every obstacle from my path of success and light my path with Your visionary light, so that I can see clearly the way forward to fulfil Your vision mandate for my life.

I pray for good success in all my coming and going. Enable and encourage me daily oh LORD to be faithfully committed to Your kingdom advancement business. Focus my attention on You and let me understand Your instructions for my life. I pray oh LORD that you will bless me with good success in all circumstances and situations of my life. Empower me daily oh LORD to trust You in all situation and circumstances. Protect all that You have placed in my hands from falling into the hands of spiritual arm robbers and thieves. Give me the confidence and boldness to always carry out Your instructions and help me oh LORD to be always obedient towards You and to avoid sinning against You in any manner, form or shape.

I pray for good success for the ministry objectives you have mandated for my life. I pray that You will by Your divine grace and mercy, make me all that You desire for me to be. I place all that You have mandated for my life in Your divine care. I ask oh LORD that You buttress my efforts and that You prosper the work of my hand with Your divine power of blessings. Breathe oh LORD Your breath of life on the work of my hands and let me always be in remembrance of Your permanent success wishes and plans for my soul irrespective of any natural situation that I can possibility find myself in. Anoint my head daily oh LORD with Your anointing oil of success and equip me in all aspect to always manifest Your kingdom glory oh King of glory.

I pray oh LORD that You will daily favour and bless me to always succeed in all Your mandated purpose for my life. Purge me daily oh LORD from all unrighteousness thoughts and fill my mind with Your righteousness thoughts and ideas of good success. Sanctify my heart and purify my mind daily oh LORD, so that I can continually reason in alignment with Your good wishes and perfect desires for my life. Make me oh LORD, a perfect harvester of souls for your kingdom. Let me always be desirous of obeying Your holy commandments so, that I will continually be of good success according to Your divine Will for my soul.

Open wide oh LORD Your divine door of success in my life and let the successful outcome that You have already finalised for my soul in the spirit realm be manifested in the natural realm for all eyes to see it to Your glory and honour. Oh LORD, I pray this prayer for good success in total submission to Your righteousness dominion and with a heart filled with appreciation of Your loving kindness and perfect Will for my entire being. I pray oh LORD that You will continually be my daily Inspiration, Motivator and divine Counsellor oh LORD my God. I pray that Your desires for my life will always be the guiding principle for all my decision making.

You are oh LORD my everything and in You alone do I have a realistic hope of eternal success. Keep me firmly in the straight path of Your righteous success and give me the daily grace oh LORD to keep marching forward and never looking back to the world. Enrich me daily with the understanding of Your Word and let Your wisdom always have its way in my life. Direct me oh LORD to daily do all that pleases You. Let Your promises oh LORD activate a living hope in me daily. Let Your comforting love for me keep me afloat of the stagnating effects of disappointments.

Enable me oh King of glory to daily rise above every emotional feeling of the outer man. Let Your Word be my guide and visionary lamp. Let your commandments be my desire to obey. Let my trust be in Your power. Let my faith be full in You. Let my days be spent as You have ordained it. Let my ways honour and glorify You. Let my thoughts please and reverence You. Let my desires be in alignment with Your Will. Let Your joy be my strength. Let Your peace rule my mind. Let Your rest fill my soul.

Glorify Yourself in every aspect of my life oh LORD my God. Let Your praise never depart from my mouth. Let my worship be a living and acceptable sacrifice unto You always. Let my spirit continually remain in the presence of Your Holy Spirit. Let me prosper and have good success in all of my endeavours according to Your divine Will and purpose for my life. Let Your grace and mercy continually rest and abide with me from now to eternity. In Jesus mighty name I have prayed this prayer for good success. Amen.


Pray Against Sickness

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Pray against Sickness!

Heavenly Father,

I pray against sickness and I exercise your dominion authority over every spirit of infirmity. I nullify every wicked dart of sicknesses and illnesses that the enemy can possibility use to attack me in any form or shape. I pray against sickness, and I destroy any sickness plan the enemy could possibly have against me. I decree and declare that no weapon of sickness or illnesses fashioned or formed against me by any spirit of infirmity shall prosper.

Pray against every spiritual sickness agenda

I pray against sickness of the heart. I pray against sickness of the soul. I pray against sickness of the body. I pray against every sickness spirit and bind them from coming near me or any member of my family. I reduce to nothing every spiritual agenda of sickness the forces of darkness can possibly have against me and my family!

Pray against sickness of the mind

I pray against sickness of the mind. I declare and decree that I have overcome every spirit of depression in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I render useless any plan of depression, compression or suppression the forces of darkness can possibly have to attack my mind with. I declare and decree by Holy Ghost authority, power, and dominion that I am of a sound mind. I cast down every imaginations and bind everything aiming to exalt itself against the sound knowledge God has given me.

I consume with Holy Ghost fire every thought that wicked spirits can possibly target at my mind to confuse or depress me. I decree in the mighty name of Jesus Christ that my entire being shall manifest the healing power of Christ Jesus in all aspects of my existence.

I soak myself in the atonement blood of Jesus Christ, and I decree in the mighty name of Jesus that no evil forces of sickness shall overcome me. I pray against every sickness weapon of the enemy. I rebuke every general illness plan the devils can possibly have against me or any member of my family. I engulf the camp of infirmity spirits with Holy Ghost fire. I consume every evil and wicked power of illnesses with the fire of the Holy Ghost.

Claim Your Total Healing Potion In Christ Jesus

I pray against sickness in my coming and going. I pray against any form of sickness coming near my home or anywhere near my vicinity. I claim my healing potion against every sickness, infirmity, and illnesses in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I declare by the power and holy authority of the Holy Ghost that no illnesses spirit or sickness attack from the enemy shall prevail against me in Jesus’s mighty name.

I confess Jesus Christ as my infinite Healer, and by His holy stripes and mighty authority, I declare that I am totally healed from every sickness and illnesses. I render every satanic sickness power the occult can possibly use against me useless. I rebuke every spiritual foundation of sickness, and I command every infirmities spirit to bow down right now to the authority that is in the name of Jesus Christ.

I pray against sickness in any form or shape. I say with confidence that I am the healed of the LORD Jesus Christ. I cover myself and family with Christ’s precious holy blood, and I declare by His holy might and righteousness dominion authority that it shall continue to be well with me and my family in all dominion, dimensional realms.

I release the judgement fire of the Holy Ghost upon every stubborn spirit of sickness and illnesses. I forbid by the authority of the Holy Ghost any reoccurrence of sickness in my life. I claim immunity for me and for my family against every form of sicknesses with the atonement blood of Jesus Christ. I declare that we carry the mark of Christ, therefore, let no infirmities spirits ever trouble us!

In Jesus holy name and by His righteous authority I have decreed and declared! Amen.